Seventh Day Adventist Health Principle – “Water”

1. What is the Water Principle?

The importance of water is such that the man can live for several weeks without eating, and only a few days without drinking water. Water constitutes more than 70% of the total body weight, about 50 liters in men and 40 liters in women.

Among other things, water is necessary for daily cleaning. Through the bath, the water helps to relax the muscles, clean the pores and produce psychological well-being. To bathe, cold water is not healthy, so it is best recommended to use it warm.

As for drinking water, it should be taken at room temperature because when it is consumed cold, it interrupts digestion and reduces the signs of thirst in the body, and increases the loss of heat which forces the body to spend a greater amount of energy in the generation of the necessary heat for a suitable temperature.

Even when water is so useful and it is recommended to consume a large amount of water per day, it should be taken away from meals to avoid delaying digestion and causing other damage. It is best to eat it 30 minutes before the meal and up to 1 or 2 hours after consuming any food.

Water can also be used as a treatment for multiple diseases. For example, The application of warm water on the boil helps these open to the outside and evacuate its contents.

In the case of vomiting, cold water, frost or crushed ice can be used. In the same way, it can be used to apply on blows since in this way inflammation and pain are combated.

When you suffer from fever, you can perform water baths at room temperature and let air dry since the capacity of water as a heat sink helps lower body temperature.

We must learn to take better advantage of the properties and benefits of this precious liquid and consume greater amounts every day.

2. How the Water Principle gives Great Health Benefits Including Weight Loss?

Drinking water is one of the most basic needs of man and other living beings on the planet. Water is one of the primary sources, on which our body depends to function.

1. The body works better: With water, our body works better. That is, eliminates toxins naturally and at the speed that needs it.

Remember that the body is constantly eliminating those substances that do not need. Its accumulation triggers many diseases and disorders of the body.

2. It helps to lose weight: Many people consider it a myth but it has been proven that in the same way in which drinking water helps the body to remove excess harmful substances, in the same way, it also eliminates fat through of urine.

3. It is an excellent beauty treatment: Water helps to clean impurities of the body, especially the skin, allowing the elimination of mites and dead skin, leaving it to breathe freely.

4. Avoid diseases: If you drink good water, constantly and with a good system of exercises, you will see that health improves considerably. People who implement water exercise, see a change in their lives, have more normal digestion, more energy among other things.

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