Seventh Day Adventist Health Principle – “Trust in Divine Power”

1. What is trust in divine power principle?

When diving power is understood well and used appropriately, it has extraordinary results. That kind of power can transform a person’s life from sentimental activities into a symphony of happiness and joy. Trust in divine power is vital for the planning of happiness.

But a true faith that focuses on the Lord Christ is trust in his teachings and doctrines. Trust in divine power is a fundamental element of creation.

Trust in Divine Power is based on the following principals:

• Trust God’s willingness to provide help when necessary and it does not matter how difficult the circumstances.

• Always obey his commandments and your life that demonstrates that he can trust you.

• Always be sensitive to the faint whispers of the Holy Spirit.

• Implement with courage the inspiration received.

• Be sensitive to the faint whispers of the Holy Spirit.

2. How Trust in Divine power gives Great health benefits?

• Trust in the divine power of God and he will give you what your desires are.

• It brings greater joy and happiness in your life.

• When you stay focused on god, your mind stays in peace and stress-free.

• Trust in divine power keeps safe and secure.

3. From whom does all healing come?

Seventh Day Adventists revel any important differences between the healing of which the Bible informs. Jesus and his followers never charge for anything as they receive free, give free.

Seventh Day Adventists believe that God heals every people through his Holy Spirit power. Faith healing involves the laying on of hands. That is also called miracle healing, divine healing, and supernatural healing among others.

Many times today’s faith healing takes months, weeks or days to complete. That healer tends to focus on functional diseases like deafness, paralysis, or blindness.

In the times of physical, emotional or spiritual pain, we can rely on healing scriptures to comfort our souls and he guides us towards our recovery.

Life often does not give us what we are expecting from life. We know very well how it feels when our family, spouse or friends hurt us. And also many people know how tough is life when they are suffering from any disorder like chronic pain or illness that will not go away. All the people need healing some or other way and that healing comes straight from God.

About the Author Mary Cormier